Helping you find, win, and retain customers.

our mission

To help create and facilitate meaningful & purposeful business conversations between business owners and their clients with positive and professional outcomes and real R.O.I – SALES


To train and develop people in the Art of Intelligent Selling based on the core values of integrity and trust, creating loyal, meaningful relations which will endure and transcend current disruptive times.

Sales Training

Our sales training is uniquely and powerfully different, based on Winning Sales’ highly successful programme “Logical Conclusion Selling ®”, published in Jackie’s book “Successful Selling – What it takes and How to do it”…

Our aim is real R.O.I. and delivering value in everything we do.



Sometimes as individuals we get stuck in old habits and patterns of behaviours. We limit our potential for growth and finding new paths and destinations. We may struggle to find clarity and purpose.

At Winning Sales, our focus is implementing effective coaching across businesses at all levels to unleash the true potential of the people with whom we work.


Inspiring and delighting audiences at a local, national & international level has been a big part of Jackie Wade & the Winning Sales journey and mission over the past 20 years.

I am on a mission to reach out to challenge and disrupt our thinking around sales, helping people recognise effective selling can only work, IF it fits with our personal brand, integrity & values.

People Profiling

Are great sales people born or made? In my experience, the answer lies somewhere in- between.

A great starting point to understanding a person’s natural preferences lies in sales specific psychometric profiling.

At Winning Sales, we are trained & licensed to use Thomas International profiling tools.

Why we are different

Selling is alll about connecting and having meaningful, authentic conversations, which serve a real purpose for both parties.

We don’t do fake, pushy, smarmy or Bullshit!

We aim to add real value to our customers and do!

If we can’t help, we’ll be honest and tell you.

If we can, you’ll probably be with us for a very long time, either as a very satisfied customer, a loyal supporter or great friend.

Thats how we do business…and it works!

Our values


Enabling genuine authentic conversations based on mutual trust


Staying true to our core values and principles. Not losing sight of why we do business


Helping bring clarity and purpose through how we engage with our customers and stakeholders


Knowing when we can make a difference and when its sometimes best to walk away

Successful Selling – What It Takes And How To Do It

Jackie Wade’s latest book aims to inspire and motivate business owners to take greater control of their sales and growth by adopting a positive, proactive and professional approach to selling.

Her underlying belief, based on over 20 years delivering sales training and 30 years of doing it herself: “you don’t have to be a proper sales person to be good at selling. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The right combination of personality, process and mind-set can be just as, if not more, effective”.

This book will teach you why and how.

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Helping you find, win, and retain customers.


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